An open forum, drop-in platform for expectant, new and experienced fathers that propels their proactive engagement in their children’s and partners’ lives. The group creates a safe space for growth, feeding the mind, body and spirit of fathers as they raise their children and support their partners.

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EXPECTING FATHERS GROUP FOR BLACK DADS - New sessions begin every month

The Expecting Fathers Group is designed specifically for Black soon-to-be fathers and provides education, support and navigation tools for the prenatal, labor and delivery, postpartum and early parenting periods. 

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"Holding Space for Our Fathers"

Holding Space for Our Fathers

By Ruel Nolledo

Building the Village is a special 4-part series focusing on the work taking place in neighborhoods throughout L.A. County to combat the disproportionately high rates of Black maternal and infant deaths and ensure that all Black families experience joyous and healthy births. Created and supported by L.A. County’s AAIMM Prevention Initiative, local partnerships known as Community Action Teams (CATs) are bringing everyone together to raise awareness of the crisis and identify the solutions that work best for their community. In addition to the L.A. Department of Public Health, each CAT includes local residents (including mothers/birthing persons and dads/partners), community-based organizations,  faith-based organizations, health care providers and plans/networks, birth workers such as doulas and midwives, First 5 LA, the L.A. County Department of Mental Health, local businesses, and other allies. 

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Poor oral health may be linked to:

  • Preeclampsia
  • Preterm birth
  • Low birth weight

Keep your mouth healthy while pregnant by:

  • Visiting the dentist when pregnant and regularly therafter
  • Brushing twice a day, everyday for two minutes
  • Eating healthy foods
  • Drinking water
  • Quitting smoking



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Apply for monthly cash during pregnancy - The California Abundant Birth Project (CA ABP) is now in LA County!

The California Abundant Birth Project (CA ABP) is now in Alameda, Contra Costa, Los Angeles, and Riverside Counties!!

CA ABP is a guaranteed income program that provides cash during pregnancy. It was developed by Expecting Justice and the community to make birthing healthier and safer for the people facing the greatest risk during their pregnancy journey.

CA ABP provides cash with no strings attached as a strategy to prevent stress during pregnancy. Research shows this is likely to prevent babies from being born too early or too small and can also protect the health of the mother (birthing parent). By providing unconditional cash, mamas have resources to support themselves and their families, and babies have the chance at a healthy start.


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Janette Robinson-Flint Named 2024 California HERstory Maker!

In celebration of Women’s History Month, the California Legislative Women’s Caucus held an annual ceremony in the State Capitol to recognize seven California ‘HERstory Makers’. In recognition of her groundbreaking achievements, the Caucus chose our executive director, Janette Robinson-Flint, as one of the 2024 California Women Making HERstory. The California Legislature paid tribute to Janette on Monday, March 11th in Sacramento, presented by State Senator Nancy Skinner.


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JOB ANNOUNCEMENT: AAIMM Doula Program Coordinator - March 25 Deadline

Since 2018, the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health (DPH), in partnership with First 5 LA and community-based organizations, has led a broad African American Infant & Maternal Mortality Prevention Initiative (AAIMM) to address the disparities in maternal and infant health outcomes caused by the societal and physiological effects of racism and discrimination. The AAIMM Doula Program launched in 2019 to match Black pregnant individuals with skilled Black birth doulas who provide support, advocacy, and education throughout the perinatal period. In addition to direct service provision, the Program also organizes workforce development opportunities for birthworkers of color and fosters demand for doula services via public awareness, clinician and community engagement, and statewide policy work.

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The Practical Playbook III: Working Together to Improve Maternal Health

[AAIMM Contribution: Activating Our Village in Los Angeles County: Birth Equity & Black Families
Authors: Sonya Young Aadam, Dr. Deborah Allen, Dr. Brandi Desjolais, Dr. Melissa Franklin, Adjoa Jones, Helen O’Connor, Kaci Patterson, Dr. Sylvia Swilley]


Collective Impact Fuels Change in Maternal Health
More than 150 maternal health professionals join forces to create maternal health playbook

[CHAPEL HILL, NC] - Esteemed maternal health professionals in partnership with

the de Beaumont Foundation and the Maternal Health Learning & Innovation Center

(MHLIC) today announce the release of the highly anticipated book, The Practical

Playbook III: Working Together to Improve Maternal Health. This comprehensive and

groundbreaking work serves as a crucial resource for professionals across diverse

fields, providing practical and actionable guidance. A key focus of the book is to

encourage collaboration across sectors to address the multifaceted challenges in

maternal health.

In The Practical Playbook III, writers delve into the collaborative efforts essential for

improving maternal health outcomes. “The book is unique in that it brings together

the expertise of practitioners and people with lived experience who have known

about and been invested in reversing the maternal health crisis since before it gained

national attention,” said co-editor Lindsey Yates, PhD, MPH, an assistant professor

in the UNC Department of Maternal and Child Health.

The book offers a meticulous exploration of effective strategies, evidence-based

practices, and innovative approaches to address the complexities surrounding

maternal health.

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Los Angeles County Department of Public Health Named a Robert Wood Johnson Foundation 2023 Culture of Health Prize Winner

The Los Angeles County African American Infant and Maternal Mortality Prevention Initiative (AAIMM) today received the 2023 Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF) Culture of Health Prize. The prize celebrates communities across the country where people and organizations are collaborating to build positive solutions to barriers that have created unequal opportunities for health and well being. 


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Motion Proclaiming June 2023 as Fatherhood Well-being Month in LA County


Proclaim June 2023 as Fatherhood Well-being Month in Los Angeles County

"House Resolution 36, introduced by Assemblymember Mike Gipson, aims to annually declare the month of June as Fatherhood Well-being Month. In 2021, there were 2,174,428 children, 0-17 years old, living in Los Angeles County (County)1. For each of those children, there is a father in their lives, existing in many forms such as stepfathers, foster fathers, relative caregivers, and father figures. Fathers are integral to families and provide a strong foundation for educational success and emotional well-being, which build pathways to economic mobility. The well-being of fathers is critical to active involvement and the ability to be a positive presence in the lives of children and families.

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