Be the Village to Support Healthy and Joyous Births

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 "Black family love is the joy that shows up for birth. And this makes everything I do worthwhile."

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  “As a community we were able to support mom JoLinda and baby JoyLinda throughout her stay of 136 days in the NICU.”

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McKinley's Welcome Baby support team helped Jonrene and Darrion on their parenting journey with coaching and support as new parents in a pandemic.

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“The honor is mine to give generational sister-to-sister support to Andrea’s family.”

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"It takes a village to raise a child," the African proverb states, and activation of that village begins before birth. We strongly believe that healthy and joyous births do not happen alone. They require an entire community of support — that means not just family and friends, but also neighbors, healthcare workers, spiritual advisors, educators, and colleagues. Everyone who influences the environment in which children are born and raised can contribute to and support the next generation being healthy, safe and happy. 

The African American Infant and Maternal Mortality (AAIMM) Prevention Initiative believes that having a comprehensive system of support in place (“The Village”) prior to, during, and after birth is a crucial component in our efforts towards bringing about equity in birthing outcomes for Black women and infants. We’re encouraging you to either create and activate your own Village or to become a support to a Black mother/birthing person by:

  • Identifying who “The Village” is
  • Inspiring “The Village” to take action in its efforts to support healthy and joyous births for Black women and infants
  • Sharing resources to equip “The Village” and pregnant birthing persons/women


Get started by checking out the profiles of some people who encompass the AAIMM Village, navigate to a section of the website that will help you step into your role as a member of The Village, or get information and resources that will help you create, cultivate, and activate your own Village. Together, we can #BeTheVillage of support for Black moms/birthing persons and their families to end the unjustly high maternal and infant deaths in Los Angeles County and usher in healthy and joyous births for all. Follow @blackinfantsandfamiliesla on Instagram for updates and use #AAIMM, #BeTheVillage, #ActivateYourVillage, and #WeAreTheVillage to share your healthy and joyous birthing stories with us.