Let’s Grow the Village of Safe Spaces to Breast/Chestfeed in L.A. County.

August 25th-31st 2023

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Black Breast/Chestfeeding

Black breast/chestfeeding helps Black moms and birthing persons offset the negative impact of stress that racism has on our bodies and those of our babies. It helps create a healthy and joyous start to Black babies’ lives by providing optimal nutrition and a beautiful bonding experience. It is resistance. It is beautiful. It is raw. It is activism in its truest and purest form.


Arissa Palmer, Executive Director, BreastfeedLA

“I truly believe that every parent who wants to chest/breastfeed deserves the opportunity to have that chance.”

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K'Lynn Mitchell, RDN CinnaMoms Project Coordinator

“I'm very passionate about nutrition and its effect on chronic health and one of the best starts in life is breast milk.” 

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Ronie Stewart, RDN, IBCLC/ Peer Counselor Supervisor

“I am passionate about educating, empowering, and cheering on breastfeeding as the norm for our Black breast/chestfeeding families.”

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Dr. Tonce, Senior Health Equity Manager, Co-Creator CinnaMoms

“It is amazing to see how CinnaMoms has led to the promotion of so many staff members at WIC. Seeing staff advance in their lactation careers has been quite rewarding.” ...

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Raena Granberry Sr. Manager of Maternal and Reproductive Health

“At a point in history the majority of this nation depended on Black breastmilk. We have to reclaim that.”

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Kirstein Smith, Breastfeeding Mama

“It helps them a lot with their immune system and it’s basically better to breast-feed because it helps you create a bond with your child.”

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Find a safe space to Breast / Chestfeed in L.A. County. Search our directory by region below:


In 2022, the AAIMM Community Action Teams initiated a grassroots effort to approach businesses in Los Angeles County asking them to publicly designate themselves as Safe Spaces for Black moms/birthing persons to breast/chestfeed. They were presented with Safe Space window decals, posters and tabletop tents to display. The idea was to alter the stigma around breast/chestfeeding in public and normalize moms/birthing persons feeding their babies any and everywhere.

This year, the AAIMM Black Breastfeeding Week campaign continues this effort in engaging local businesses directly, thereby growing the greater village of support for Black moms/birthing persons and their babies. We will be highlighting these businesses on social media, as well as creating a directory of LA County “Safe Space” businesses on 

AAIMM, in conjunction with Soul Food for Your Baby, BreastfeedLA, and CinnaMoms, will also spend a week sharing positive and informative breast/chestfeeding messages across social media and the web, personal stories from those who work in the field of lactation support, as well as breastfeeding mamas, and events. BreastfeedLA also has a resources map on its website where you can find providers and breastfeeding support in your area.

Check this page and follow @blackinfantsandfamiliesla on Instagram for updates. Use #AAIMM, #BlackBreastfeedingWeek2023 and #GrowTheVillage to share your breastfeeding journey with us and join the conversation. 

You can learn more about the national Black Breastfeeding Week 2023 campaign and find virtual events HERE









Black Breastfeeding Week
Q & As



Kimberly Durdin, CPM, LM, IBCLC

How did you become involved in supporting Black breast/chestfeeding in Los Angeles County and why are you passionate about it?

I moved to LA 17 years ago, already an IBCLC, and looking to continue to support families in the area as I had done in the Washington, DC metro area and NYC where I moved from. I was passionate about joining other lactation professionals in this area because California seemed to be doing some amazing and innovative things to support, promote, and protect lactation and I wanted to be a part of it all!

Aqueelah Russell, MBA, IBCLC, LCCE

What is the most rewarding part of the work that you do to support Black breast/chestfeeding?

Promoting and leading by example. Illustrating that Black moms DO breastfeed and that Black women also thrive in the professional lactation space. It is vital for Black babies to receive their mama's breast milk as their optimum feeding choice.

Kirstein Smith, Breastfeeding Mama

What (or who) helped you to make the decision to breastfeed your baby and why did you decide to take that journey?

My mother was basically telling (me) how good it is to breastfeed your child it helps them a lot with their immune system and that it’s basically better to breastfeed because it helps you create a bond with your child and then not only that but breast-fed babies are way more smarter they’re way more active than other babies — they’re way more everything

Dr. Tonce, Senior Health Equity Manager, Co-Creator CinnaMoms

What do you hope to see change for the better with regard to Black breast/chestfeeding in Los Angeles County?

A diversified lactation field. More Black/African American Lactation consultants and Breastfeeding Peer Counselors. More scholarships, mentorship, tutoring for the college level courses needed to advance in the field of lactation. Continued support and services for our Black families. More imagery of families living joyous and healthy lives! Increased support for families who are not fully breastfeeding. Any breastfeeding matters, also!




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