Kirstein Smith, Breastfeeding Mama

“It helps them a lot with their immune system and it’s basically better to breast-feed because it helps you create a bond with your child.”

What (or who) helped you to make the decision to breastfeed your baby and why did you decide to take that journey?

My mother was basically telling (me) how good it is to breastfeed your child it helps them a lot with their immune system and that it’s basically better to breastfeed because it helps you create a bond with your child and then not only that but breast-fed babies are way more smarter they’re way more active than other babies — they’re way more everything

Was there anyone — or an organization — that helped you get support or resources for your breastfeeding journey?

Yes, I talked it over with my doctors.

Were there any challenges that you faced during your breastfeeding journey?

Challenges only when he has teeth now, so he likes to bite my nipple. 


During your pregnancy, who was a part of your greater village of support and what roles did they play?

My village that supported me was my mother, father of my child, my brother, his girlfriend, my uncle Brandon, my mom's side of the family, my dad's side of the family—everyone, really—my mother, obviously a grandmother. She don’t know how to act ever since she become a grandma, she a whole new person. Her gran king, she call him.

What are your hopes and dreams for your baby?

My dream is for my son is that he knows that he is supposed to always put himself first, no matter what, and that he knows. And not only that is a millionaire something great, something that he wants to do, not just because I want him to do it, but I also want him to have his own mindset. Those are my hopes and dreams for him.

What are some of the ways that you bond(ed) with your baby both now and when you were pregnant?

When I was pregnant I would play music in the headphones and let him listen to it in my stomach and I still do the same thing, right, not only that, but I do read to him, I play with him, I take him out on walks, I am trying to get him to walk as we speak. I take him out on, like, little mommy and son dates so that way we can bond and also we can have a good relationship.


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