Raena Granberry Sr. Manager of Maternal and Reproductive Health

“At a point in history the majority of this nation depended on Black breastmilk. We have to reclaim that.”

How did you become involved in supporting Black breast/chestfeeding in Los Angeles County and why are you passionate about it?

I became involved while working as a group facilitator in the Black Infant Health Program and hearing the many barriers Black women experienced and the myths we have heard and believed around breastfeeding. I was educated on the marketing campaign that took place in order to benefit the formula industry and the impact of it. That fueled me to not only teach our folks about the history and our legacy of breastfeeding but also support and educate those struggling. 
At a point i
n history,  the majority of this nation depended on Black breastmilk.We have to reclaim that.


What is the most rewarding part of the work that you do to support Black breast/chestfeeding?

Seeing the growth of the Black lactation workforce. Similar to how Black doulas help improve Black birth outcomes, I am confident that cultivating a groundswell of Black lactation educators and consultants will greatly improve our breastfeeding rates and success.


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