Shana Spinks, AAIMM DOULA

About Shana:

Shana Spinks holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Early Childhood Education and has worked with families for over 10 years. Her passion grew out of her desire to change the birthing narrative. She believes birthing is one of the most vulnerable times in a person’s life. It’s imperative that the birthing experience consists of the individual feeling like they are listened to, validated, and genuinely supported. 

As she began to explore her passion for this experience and reflect on her own birthing experience, she became aware of the lack of education parents received when making decisions regarding birth.

Shana strongly believes the birthing person should be educated so that they can make the most informed decisions regarding their body as well as their child’s. Her goal is to create a loving, beautiful, and cherished birth story for the families she supports. She truly believes in, “Your Birth, Your Way!”

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  • Martine Levy
    My doula, Shana was amazing. There are no words that can truly express my gratitude for her support and care.

    She brings a calming energy and a vast knowledge of practices for providing support before, during and after labor. I would definitely recommend Shana.
  • Martine Levy
  • Brittany Lock