Shana Spinks, AAIMM DOULA

"It’s imperative that the birthing experience consists of the individual feeling like they are listened to, validated, and genuinely supported."

– Shana Spinks, AAIMM Doula


What does being a doula mean to you?

To me, being a doula means supporting parents as they enter the most meaningful journey of their lives—helping them feel confident by equipping them with guidance, evidence-based education, and extensive labor support. 

Being a doula means assisting parents in creating the joyous birth they so desire, as I know this event will forever be engraved in their hearts. 

One reason a family should consider having a doula:

Having a doula can enhance the birthing experience by lessening the chances of a C-section, providing support and coping techniques, instilling self-confidence, and shortening labor. 

Please share a story of one of your most memorable experiences as a doula.

I had a client who had a strong desire to birth her babies (twins) vaginally. We explored and consulted with medical teams in an effort to create a cohesive team that was willing to commit to this process as long as it was safe for mother and babies. The client was overjoyed because she was able to experience the vaginal birth she so desired. 


Shana Spinks is a Lactation Educator and holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Child and Family Development and has worked with families for over 10 years. Her passion grew out of her desire to change the birthing narrative. She believes birthing is one of the most vulnerable times in a person’s life. It’s imperative that the birthing experience consists of the individual feeling like they are listened to, validated, and genuinely supported. 

As she began to explore her passion for this experience and reflect on her own birthing experience, she became aware of the lack of education parents received when making decisions regarding birth. Shana strongly believes the birthing person should be educated so that they can make the most informed decisions regarding their body as well as their child’s. Her goal is to create a loving, beautiful, and cherished birth story for the families she supports. She truly believes in, “Your Birth, Your Way!”

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  • Arielle Noel
    I say this often that I have no clue what my labor and delivery would have looked like without Shana being apart of my team. For my first pregnancy I was terrified of what delivery would look like. Working hand in hand with Shana I was able to create a birth plan that met my needs. She gave me tips in advance that were extremely useful, and helped me see that there are options outside of medication while in labor. Not only was she right next time while giving birth and cheering me on with my family. The after birth care was spectacular as well. Being a new mommy so many people want to tell you need to be being doing this or that. However, Shana showed me how to keep us on track for our goals. I highly recommend working with her if you have a little one on the way. She truly helped ease my mind by being there for me before and after baby.
  • Farah Way
    I knew I wanted to work with a doula for my first pregnancy and delivery because I’d seen how the specific expertise and care that comes with this kind of support had helped several friends in their birth experience. Shana came into my life like a blessing on a cloud!
    She not only became integral support for me in the weeks and days leading up to my delivery but she has also become a dear friend. She helped me through the challenges by offering guidance and a trusted opinion. Especially in one particularly difficult moment where I was being presented with so many differing opinions, she reminded me to trust myself and follow my instinct.
    That she has additional training as a lactation consultant really helped me in the breastfeeding journey She’s always been present and checks in on me regularly, a testament to her caring nature and the investment she makes in all her new moms.
  • La Ron Cotton
    Our doula and God’s gift.
    After giving birth to our beautiful son, my husband and I are so very grateful for the caring expertise, practical guidance and listening presence of our phenomenal doula Shana.
    When we learned that we were pregnant, we needed a way to tap into the generational wisdom of how to have a healthy birth process in the face of current black maternity fatality rates. Pre, during and post birth this experience has been life affirming and priceless to say the least. We are so very thankful in our journey to become parents to be blessed with having Shana as our doula and a part of our village.
  • Martine Levy
    My doula, Shana was amazing. There are no words that can truly express my gratitude for her support and care.

    She brings a calming energy and a vast knowledge of practices for providing support before, during and after labor. I would definitely recommend Shana.
  • Martine Levy
  • Brittany Lock