LaVon Gaylord

  • "We are the Village" Pledge to Help End Black Infant and Maternal Deaths

    We all can come together and be a village of support for Black mothers, infants and families. Join us in ending the injustice and tragedy of Black infant and maternal deaths in LA County.

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    I pledge to:

    1. Advocate for respectful and unbiased treatment of Black women by providers.

    2. Spread the word about ways for Black women to receive the support they deserve to assist them in having healthy and joyous births, and for them and their child(ren) to enjoy good health.

    3. Get involved, by either attending a meeting in my community, telling others about the issue, or sharing resources available at

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  • Join A Community Action Team

    Community Action Teams bring together community members, organizations, and leaders from public health to lead efforts level to end Black infant and maternal mortality in their neighborhoods and communities. A member of one of our CAT planning teams will reach out to you!

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