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    Community Action Teams bring together community members, organizations, and leaders from public health to lead efforts level to end Black infant and maternal mortality in their neighborhoods and communities. A member of one of our CAT planning teams will reach out to you!

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  • Antelope Valley (SPA 1)

    Join the movement in the Antelope Valley to end the injustice of Black infant and mom deaths in LA County.


    Ensure the safety and support of African American moms, babies, and families by providing advocacy, compassion, education, resources, justice, accessibility, and eliminating racial disparities in the community and ensuring access to reliable, unbiased care and support services that maintain equality, honesty, trust, and cultural accountability.



    AV AAIMM CAT strives to create a safe, empowering, supportive, and culturally aware community for African American families to make an informed choice. The birth journey, from prenatal to postpartum, will consist of equality, justice, advocacy, mental health services, social support safety and accessibility for all family members involved.


    For more information or to join the AV Community Action Team, email: [email protected] or [email protected] or fill out the form below.

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