Wyconda Cotton Curtis, DOULA

What does being a doula mean to you?

Being a doula means being able to secure a safe birth for the mother and baby,
as well as being able to provide the necessary and merited support and advocacy during pregnancy and deliver.


One reason a family should consider having a doula:

A family should consider having a doula to be able to ensure a supportive and positive safe birth.



Please share a story of one of your most memorable experiences as a doula.  

My most memorable experience (as a doula) was being able to cut the cord of mom’s new addition. Mom labored for as long as she could until the baby started showing signs of distress. She ended up needing a cesarean and since I was her only support person, I was able to go with her for the cesarean. After the baby was born, I was able to cut lil’ man’s cord. It was a wonderful and memorable experience.

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