The Practical Playbook III: Working Together to Improve Maternal Health

[AAIMM Contribution: Activating Our Village in Los Angeles County: Birth Equity & Black Families
Authors: Sonya Young Aadam, Dr. Deborah Allen, Dr. Brandi Desjolais, Dr. Melissa Franklin, Adjoa Jones, Helen O’Connor, Kaci Patterson, Dr. Sylvia Swilley]


Collective Impact Fuels Change in Maternal Health
More than 150 maternal health professionals join forces to create maternal health playbook

[CHAPEL HILL, NC] - Esteemed maternal health professionals in partnership with

the de Beaumont Foundation and the Maternal Health Learning & Innovation Center

(MHLIC) today announce the release of the highly anticipated book, The Practical

Playbook III: Working Together to Improve Maternal Health. This comprehensive and

groundbreaking work serves as a crucial resource for professionals across diverse

fields, providing practical and actionable guidance. A key focus of the book is to

encourage collaboration across sectors to address the multifaceted challenges in

maternal health.

In The Practical Playbook III, writers delve into the collaborative efforts essential for

improving maternal health outcomes. “The book is unique in that it brings together

the expertise of practitioners and people with lived experience who have known

about and been invested in reversing the maternal health crisis since before it gained

national attention,” said co-editor Lindsey Yates, PhD, MPH, an assistant professor

in the UNC Department of Maternal and Child Health.

The book offers a meticulous exploration of effective strategies, evidence-based

practices, and innovative approaches to address the complexities surrounding

maternal health.

The Practical Playbook III features a diverse array of proven and promising

solutions, making it an indispensable guide for stakeholders from all backgrounds

and professions. Through a rigorous real-world application with an academic lens,

editors and authors illuminate the collaborative efforts needed to create meaningful

change in maternal health.

"There is something in the book for everyone: policymakers, advocates, clinical

providers, public health practitioners, data scientists, and others working in health

equity and community engagement,” said lead editor Dorothy Cilenti, DrPH, MSW,

MPH, principal investigator for MHLIC. “The book highlights numerous examples of

efforts taking place to improve the maternal health journey, especially among Black

women and birthing people and other populations experiencing poor maternal health



...The insightful content within The Practical Playbook III reflects the dedication of its

editors and authors to advancing the discourse on maternal health and fostering

collaboration among various stakeholders. This book is not just a scholarly

contribution; it is a call to action for a collective effort to improve maternal health

outcomes nationally.


To obtain a copy of The Practical Playbook III: Working Together to Improve

Maternal Health, visit Oxford University Press at


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