Tálor Hawkins, AAIMM Program Mentee

What does being a Doula mean to you?

Being a doula means to be a part of a journey with a mommy and family to help gain the birthing experience that the mother wants.

One reason a family should consider having a doula:

A family should consider having a doula due to the strength that the doula brings and alleviation of stress that comes with having support during this vital time period.

Please share a story of one of your most memorable experiences as a doula.

One of Tálor’s  most memorable experiences as a doula was when she supported one of her high school friends during her birth. She needed the support and till this day, she continues to thank Tálor for the work she provided. It was on that day that she recognized that she is truly grateful to be able to work with women and support this beautiful process.

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