Michelle Henderson, AAIMM Backup Doula

“(A) doula will provide non-judgmental prenatal and postpartum support that is in alignment with your family's needs.” 

— Michelle Henderson, AAIMM Backup Doula 

What Does Being a Doula Mean to You? 

Being a doula means walking with clients during one of the most transformative periods in their lives. A doula provides mental, emotional, physical, and evidence-based informational support to help clients advocate for their desired birthing experiences. 


One Reason a Family Should Consider Having a Doula:

One reason a family should consider having a doula is that the doula will provide non-judgmental prenatal and postpartum support that is in alignment with your family's needs. 


Please share a story of one of your most memorable experiences as a doula. 

I supported a client while she labored in a hospital and it was just me and her in the L+D room. Client made it very clear she did not want any labor interventions and wanted to deliver her baby naturally. 

A nurse tried to persuade her to take Pitocin several times to speed up labor but my client knew it was not right for her. It was obvious the shift nurse grew more and more irritated with my client because she did not check on her as often and her tone of voice with my client was short when she did. As a result, my client was stressed and labor stalled. I ended up speaking to the shift nurse outside the room and confronted her about her hostile attitude towards my client. Not long after our discussion, a new nurse was assigned to the client's room. 

Client ended up delivering her baby just the way she envisioned: naturally and without any medical interventions. She had no idea I asked for a new nurse and felt completely supported in her labor vision. 



Michelle was called into birthmark after working with pregnant minors—people who experienced sexual trafficking. She utilizes trauma-informed care and evidence-based knowledge to help support her clients as they bring their babies earth-side. 

Michelle provides prenatal, labor, and postpartum support anywhere clients choose and has  supported many clients during hospital and home births.

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