Luz Ticas, AAIMM CFCI Doula

 “Being a doula means serving my community by uplifting those who bring forth life, love and hope in our everyday lives.” 


– Luz Ticas, AAIMM CFCI Doula




What does being a doula mean to you?

Being a doula means serving my community by uplifting those who bring forth life, love and hope in our everyday lives. 

One reason a family should consider having a doula:

Having a doula can help one feel more confident and supported no matter how the journey looks.

Please share a story of one of your most memorable experiences as a doula.

One of my most memorable experiences as a doula was supporting a Spanish-speaking client from El Salvador. She was very engaged and open with me from the beginning and, because of the rapport, we were able to work through some things that were coming up for her during her pregnancy. I remember having a prenatal session where we practiced mindfulness breathing with her seven-year-old daughter. They both loved the experience so much that to this day they practice it together, and even the daughter reminds her mom to breathe at times. Once she was in labor, I was with her every second, providing her with snacks, drinks, and the support needed to get her through. Her partner was in and out because he had to work, but he came at the right time and ended up seeing his baby boy born. It was a rollercoaster of labor, but in the end, she was able to give birth vaginally the way  she hoped for and had a healthy baby boy. I continued seeing her through her postpartum and would assist her in walking to pick up her daughter, who gets so excited to see me! Supporting her through this journey has been an honor, and from it has grown a beautiful relationship and community.


Hello, my name is Luz and I am a proud LA native with Central American roots. I started this journey working at the intersection of reproductive justice in 2021. When I had the opportunity to be certified by both the Birthworkers of Color Collective and Kindred Space, I knew that this was my calling. I felt like birthwork aligned with my values and goals to serve my community. Being a birthworker has opened many opportunities for growth and has taught me many lessons. I currently work for the county as a medical doula and for a local community clinic, and every day I have the privilege to walk alongside many who are in a transitional stage of their lives and it is my honor to serve and empower them.

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