Felicia Frances-Edwards, AAIMM Doula

What does being a Doula mean to you?

Being a doula is a calling. It is a calling and passion that inspires me to serve my community. I am a doula and a resource. I bring my life experiences and knowledge about topics like childbirth education, fetal development, and the postpartum period to the table. This field demands doulas to be constant learners. Doulas are compassionate. They support, empathize, and identify with clients.  It’s simply divine.

One reason a family should consider having a doula:

Having a doula as your advocate, ally, or listening partner improves the pregnancy outcomes for African-American women. When a doula shows up, those who are serving the client see a relationship born out of trust and self-advocacy. The client is more confident and empowered. The client feels heard which in turn significantly improves the outcome of the pregnancy..


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