Fatherhood Q & A with Keith Allen

What does a healthy and joyous birth mean to you?

A healthy and joyous birth to me is my baby being born without any complications and has all of their ligaments. A happy baby that is alert and full of smiles and love!

Who was a part of your village of support during pregnancy and the time shortly after birth? How did they help?

Both of our parents were in our village and still are today. We always say we don’t know where we would be without our village.

Where do you go to get information in general and also specifically related to childbirth, pregnancy, being a father? (apps, websites, podcasts, YouTube channels, etc.)

I would say I definitely use the internet to research things I don’t understand when it comes to being a father. I wanted to make sure I understood what my son’s mom was going through while carrying my baby.


How did you/do you participate in the pregnancy with your partner? Classes? Appointments? Other?

I made it a point to be at every doctor's appointment and class that was scheduled. I never missed an appointment.


How do you contribute as a partner in other ways?

Just making sure I’m present. I’ve realized that my presence means everything to my son then anything I can ever buy him.

What advice would you give to an expectant father/fathers?

Educate yourself as much as you can. Learn about the different trimesters so you’ll have an idea of what your partner is going through. Just be there for your partner and everything else will take care of itself. Also, you’re going to be fine, just stick with it!

What are, in your opinion, some of the best ways to be an advocate for your partner? For yourself? Your child(ren)?

For my partner, be available. For myself, be the greatest dad I can be. For my son, always be there for him.

How did you feel you were/are treated by doctors and other support staff when at medical appointments with your partner?

I always laugh and say, the dads get treated like they’re not even present. But I’m cool with it, as long as she was healthy and was getting everything she needs, that's all I need.

What will help you feel confident that you can be effectively involved as a partner, especially during pregnancy?

Just inclusion. The doctors speaking to us and not just my partner. Acknowledge that I am here.

What are your thoughts about breastfeeding and supporting your partner in breastfeeding?

I’m all for breastfeeding. I believe my kid is healthy now because of it.

What are your hopes for your child?

My hopes for my child is to be a great human being. To give it everything he has and never give up. Impact people’s lives in a positive way. Give your time to people and help whoever wants to be helped.


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