Thanks to an OUTSTANDING panel for the KJLH Women’s Health Expo, KJLH radio host Tammi Mac invited the panel participants to come on her web tv show on foxsoul.tv to talk about our collective work and the initiative. The panel will consist of: Jason Dawson, Raena Granberry, Adjoa Jones, Mashariki Kdumu, and Michelle Sanders. It will air at 8pm. You are all welcomed to participate from the audience by downloading the Foxsoul.tv app, which is what I will be doing 😊 


  1. Attend CityMatCH virtual conference (Sept. 16-18): DPH will cover $200 registration fee for Steering Committee members using unspent PEI funds, as Steering Committee deems appropriate. NOTE: There will be an AAIMM presentation from Melissa and Helen, date TBD, and you must be registered to participate.  


  1. Attend APHA virtual conference (Oct. 25-27):  
    1. MCH Town Hall preconference event, Oct. 25. Open to all, REGISTRATION NOT REQUIRED. Focus on California’s Perinatal Equity Initiative. Raena will present for LA County and we’d love another Steering member to join her—Please reach out with an email to Raena, Helen, Melissa and Brandi with interest 
    2. Panel discussion including AAIMM, Oct. 27. MEMBERSHIP AND REGISTRATION REQUIRED. Brandi and Debby will present.* 


*APHA registration starts at $250 for student member up to $871 for non-member. 



Membership is $225 for full, $85 student. Membership lower for DPH employees due to agency membership. Cost is too high for PEI to make widely available.  Might be able to offer partial support (perhaps equal to the $200 to attend CityMatCH) for anyone on SC who want to attend APHA instead.


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