2 Black Midwives Opened A South LA Facility With The Goal Of 'Empowered' Births

These Black Midwives Opened A South LA Facility With The Goal Of 'Empowered' Births


Nicole Hamad's infant son Amari was born at home with the help of midwives Kimberly Durdin and Allegra Hill in November.

"There are ways that you can labor so that you're not in excruciating pain and it worked," Hamad said. "Not once during my homebirth did I say that I want an epidural. I knew that I could do this."

It's an experience Durdin and Hill hope they can bring to more people with the opening of the Kindred Space LA birthing center — a unique birthing, education, and support facility owned and operated by Black midwives.

Black babies born in L.A. County are three times more likely than white babies to die before their first birthday, and Black moms are four times more likely than white moms to die of complications related to pregnancy and childbirth.

"Allegra and I haven't been comfortable just being like, 'Wow, that really sucks. All this terrible stuff is happening'," Durdin said. "We have literally pledged our lives at this moment to be a part of the solution."

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  • Vanessa Font
    So awesome!!!!!!!!!!! You are an inspiration to all of us working in the birth community. Thank you for shining the light so bright to illuminate the serious work that is needed for safe birthing in the black community. I will be cheering you on with gusto! :)
  • Brittany Lock