Mercedez Johnson, AAIMM DOULA

What does being a doula mean to you? 

(To me), being a doula means: honor, support, education, sacredness, dedication, listening, affirming, reiterating forgotten thoughts, building community, joy, resiliency, being a voice for the voiceless, and much more.

One reason a family should consider having a doula:

A family should consider having a doula to assist with coping techniques, (provide) support for the supporting partner, lessen medical interventions, (create) positive birthing outcomes, shorten labor, and last but certainly not least: to help the woman/birthing person with SELF-confidence.

Please share a story of one of your most memorable experiences as a doula.

A memorable moment for me (was when) I had a client that planned a water birth. We labored at the birthing center; she did so well! She was in the midst of pushing and screamed "I CAN DO THIS!" and baby boy came earthside after that powerful affirmation. It was beautiful.

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